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Little body, big functionality.

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Q. What is the difference between the Classic, Plus and miniMAX models?
A. The Classic model can time 1 interval, or 2 different intervals, and repeat them/cycle through them. Choose this model if you will only need one or two intervals and will be using it indoors. Examples of a perfect use for this model is interval training, a tabata program, or timing rest between sets when weightlifting. The Plus model has the exact same functionality as the Classic model described above, except it has a louder beep and is more water resistant. Choose this one if you will be using it outside. It is perfect for runners, especially those who may be running in the rain or in very humid climates. The miniMAX model allows you to time up to 25 different intervals and repeat individual intervals or groups of intervals within the sequence. The miniMAX also allows you to save up to 20 programs for future use. You cannot save programs with the Classic or Plus models. The miniMAX is for those who do interval programs with many different interval times, such as more advanced HIIT programs.
Q. Will the miniMAX retain saved programs during battery change or reboot?
A. Yes it will.
Q. What is the Warranty?
A. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty against defects. Please see "Gymboss Guarantee" below on the help page for further details.
Q. Are any of the three models waterproof?
A. No, none of the models are waterproof and they cannot be submerged. However the Plus model is water and sweat resistant and can be used outside, for example while running in the rain. Also, there is an available Gymboss “Skin” accessory which is a clear silicone sleeve that makes your Classic and miniMAX timer more moisture-resistant for activities done in very humid environments or heavy workouts with lots of sweat. It fits all three models.
Q. What does the Skin do and will it work with my timer?
A. The Gymboss Skin is a very thin see-through silicone that allows you to set and operate the timer without removing it. It makes your timer more water resistant to rain and heavy sweat. It does not make it water proof. It fits the current model Classic, Plus and miniMAX timers.
Q. Will the Lanyard work with my timer?
A. The Gymboss Lanyard works only with the current model Classic, Plus and miniMAX timers
Q. Will the Armband and/or Wristband work with my timer?
A. Yes, the armbands and wristbands can be used with all Gymboss Timers, past and present.